Hi, my name is Ben, and I write screenplays.

Whew. That feels better. 

I write for T.V., too. I even earned an M.F.A. from the best screenwriting program there is, UCLA. But I’m not a just a run of the mill L.A. cliche! I’m a modestly successful L.A. cliche (the worst, perhaps, of all).

Fox owns a pilot script of mine. ABC Family earned it’s only Emmy nomination in 2008 from The Kyle Collective, an online whirlwind I conceived, pitched and wrote with my buddies at At Play Studios. 

And Jennifer Hyatte, a delightful woman serving life in a Tennessee prison, got her hour in the spotlight on Snapped in an episode I penned.

So, if you have the stomach (and the time), check out my fiction (and true crime). It’s probably the most consistently honest work I do.

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