Scary, isn’t it?An empty page--BOO!

A big, blank page.

But you know what? It’s better than all those half-baked web pages, self-
serving ads and bogus brochures out there. Work that says the wrong thing and says it poorly. Work buzzing around with nothing to do because, well…

It was in the wireframes.
It’s what the client wanted.
You should see the media buy!

Don’t fear blank pages. Stare at them. Ponder them. Do you really need them? Do you really want to be responsible for bringing one more pointless piece of advertising into the world?

If the answer is no, DON’T DO IT. Silence is preferable.

If the answer is yes, contact me. I know what to do with a blank page.

If you need proof, just have a look at my work.

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