ZOO Digital Group

Client: ZOO Digital Group
Agency: Locus New Mediazoo_home_300

Imagine you’re, say, Disney, and you have a movie you want to advertise and release around the world — on the same day. You’ve got to create and produce ads, bus wraps, outdoor, print, theater collateral — on and on. And you have to translate it into Cantonese, Hindi, Russian, Polish, French … you get the picture.

Six months later, you have to do it all over again for the DVD. Well, ZOO has built software that automates the bulk of the production work involved in that effort. You drop in an InDesign file and, presto-chango, out come 120 versions in eight languages. Amazing.

But hard to explain because of all the moving parts. All things considered, I think the website we made for ZOO does an excellent job of branding the company and telling the world what they can do.


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