Claw Armor Megazord

Client: Bandai, North America
Agency: Dentsu America
Creative Director: Gary Larsen
Senior Copywriter: Ben Thompson

So, the Power Rangers are campy, right? This ad goes for the camp and then some. What else can you do when you’re showcasing a toy that is essentially a giant lobster. Seriously, it’s a lobster!

Of course the biggest challenge wasn’t selling kids on a lobster (what young boy doesn’t want a lobster for a pet? It’s all my kid talks about). No, this one had us squeezing in two morphing toys that make about a gazillion different (and slightly… loopy) toys plus a little something called boy empowerment. The result? Goofy fun that’s packed full of product details.

Megabad :30








Download: Claw Armor Megazord :30

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