Hass Avocado Board “The Party”

Winner 2011 Telly

The Party
Client: Hass Avocado Board
Agency: Dentsu America
Art Director: Shawn Miller
Senior Copywriter: Ben Thompson

We created this little gem for a college football media buy Dentsu America arranged with the Fox Sports Network for the Hass Avocado Board. We had access to talent (that would Superbowl Champ and Fox Broadcaster John Lynch) and production talent (FSN). All art director Shawn Miller and I had to do was come up with the spot. After much hemming and hawing and back and forth (you know the drill) we nailed down “The Party.” One weekend shot in Denver later and it was on the air… and on it’s way to winning a 2011 Telly.

Now, of course we’re proud of our work. But if you want to hear a really good idea for a college football avocado campaign, ask me about Show us Your Pits.

Hass Avocado Board “The Party”


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