Lovelace / CIGNA Healthcare Brochures

Dual Option Healthcare Campaignlovelace-itf_300
Client: Lovelace Health Systems / CIGNA HealthCare
Agency: Signal Creative

Healthcare may be the one industry that makes the tech industry look like straight-talking, jargon-free, lucid communicators. The legal complexities alone can tie healthcare copy in knots.

And of course, you can’t monkey with their naming conventions (like Dual Option Point of Service Plan), so branding and clarity have to happen on the periphery. In my years with Signal Creative, I wrote many, many brochures for a myriad of health plans, and I’m proud to say we always managed to translate healthcare-speak into concepts and copy that people could wrap their brains around.

This collateral was part of a multimedia launch that included print ads, outdoor and radio spots.

Lovelace / CIGNA HealthCare Brochure

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