Monster Energy Drinks

Client: Monster Energy Drinksmonster-home-page_300
Agency: Level Studios

Monster Energy doesn’t do any traditional advertising. They create word of mouth by sponsoring extreme sports athletes, metal bands and a volunteer “Army” of incentivized evangelists. Their new site tries to embody the spirit of their minions (seriously, people tattoo themselves with the Monster logo) with news and info about Monster Athletes and bands, plus user-generated photos, videos and comments.

So why did they need a writer? Simple: to stitch that brand attitude into every layer of the site, from navigation to error messages and instructional copy. Who says nomenclature has to be boring? 

Here are some of the messages underage visitors get when the fail to pass the age-gate that shields their delicate eyes from Monster’s grown-up content.

monster_energy_age_check_500From the copy deck:

Sorry nair nuts, you’re too young. Come back in a few years.

At least you’re honest. Either that or you suk at maf!

We looked at your permanent record and… you’re too young.

Wishing don’t make it so. Come back when you’re 21.

Ageism’s a bitch, isn’t it? Come back when you’re 21.

Don’t feel bad. You’re still old enough to join the $@*^& Marines!

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