2007 Microsoft Office “It’s a New Day” campaign site

microsoft_newday_300Client: Microsoft
Agency: MRM Worldwide

Way back in 2006, Microsoft was gearing up to release a completely redesigned Office Suite. It had a lot of significant improvements and a new interface that pretty much did away with menus. It was a more efficient design, if you were working with graphics.

But Randy down in accounting didn’t give a flying ___ about the modalities of the new graphical user interface, aka “Fluent.” He was ready to rip out his hair because he couldn’t find “print” or “save.” To deal with this problem, Microsoft turned to a small team at MRM’s L.A. office to create demos that would celebrate all the wonderful new features in Office and hopefully talk Randy down off the ledge. Such is the power of marketing.

I had to master Microsoft’s vast library of technical and marketing documentation and turn it into a functional content strategy. Using my research and some stone-age ingenuity, we built a fully functional Office 2007 beta environment including Office applications, documents and files; a SharePoint server; and communications assets.

Once we had the environment up and running, I wrote demo scripts, worked with design to create dummy assets, and developed and directed animation sequences. I also cast and directed voice talent, managed production rewrites and continuity, and performed final quality checks.

After all that, I translated everything into text-only versions for screen readers and wrote all the site copy, including headlines and CTAs.

The site is no longer with us. If you’d like to see a copy deck or some scripts, please send me an email.

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